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5 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Stopped in on the way to Prescott for a quick break. Placed seemed pretty cool. Stopped again the next day heading back from Prescott for lunch. The BBQ Biscuit was great, which I had, and my wife had a Patty Melt. It was super delicious! I definitely will be back when we’re in the area again!.

  2. Your show just aired in Australia tonight , I’m sure you will get a few Aussies stopping in to say G’day on there journeys through the U.S……….All the best…..

  3. Just watched the Bar Rescue episode. Great turnaround and Aleah was the rock star she will be the reason they succeed. Food looked good after the relaunch.

  4. Seen the show and just happened to see it on a ride from phoenix. Stopped and to check it out. Had the brisket dinner and the rib and chicken combo. Food was great. Neat to see a place like that, being from Wisconsin don’t see any true cowboy areas. Neat place with good food.

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