Our Story

        This year a projected 6,500 failing bars, nationwide, will close their doors for good. Kid Chilleen’s Bad Ass BBQ Steakhouse refuses to be just another statistic. After 10 years of business, the owners agreed to put their pride aside and ask for help from Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer. On January 24th, a crew of 50 people installed hidden cameras and professional lighting throughout the bar at Kid Chilleen’s.
         This was in preparation to film the reality TV show “Bar Rescue.” Over a five day period this failing bar was remolded, staff re-trained, and the spark to make the bar succeed was re-ignited. The exterior which once looked run down with chipped paint is now a bright yellow, that catches the eye of freeway travelers headed north.
The interior which always was a bit dirty and dusty, now has a cabin home-like feeling with its darker colors and dimmed lights. The name Kid Chilleen’s Bad Ass BBQ was replaced with Chilleen’s on 17; Keeping a family name alive, that has been in restaurant industry for over 50 years in Arizona.
         After days of training with Russell Davis, “Bartender of the year” and Chef JB Brown in the kitchen. The staff of Chilleen’s on 17 became well equipped with the skills necessary to make this once failing bar succeed. With the help of a new smoker in the kitchen, Chilleen’s on 17 has the ability to provide the best BBQ in Arizona.
The question that arises is why Kid Chilleen’s was failing in the first place. After sales decreased with the economy it was nearly impossible to keep up on all of the bills. In 2011 they were forced to file bankruptcy after the bank threatened to take the property for failing to pay the property taxes. Unfortunately due to the nature of the situation it was in the banks best interest to foreclose. Kid Chilleen’s only owed the bank half of what the property is valued at, making them a very desirable foreclosure.
Chilleen’s on 17’s “Bar Rescue” episode “A horse walks into a bar” aired on April 7th.
Chilleen’s is now out of bankruptcy and sales are up 43%.

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2 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Leslie L. Smith

    Just watched your restaurant on a repeat of Bar Rescue from 2013 ! I always look up the “failing bar/restaurant ” to see if they are still in business and I am very happy to see that your restaurant is still open!!! What a great turn around !!! Congratulations for doing a great job and having the thriving business you deserve!! I wish you many more years of prosperity!!!!

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